Victoria West ~ About the Artist

Nichol Prize/Webb Prize for Art

In her own words...

I was born and raised in the North Eastern town of Hartlepool. Ever since my childhood, drawing and painting has always been my main interest and came naturally to me. I eventually attended art college to polish up my skills, winning two prizes for my work. One was for the best sketchbook and the other for best student.

Towards the end of my time at college, I took a shining to animation, which I pursued by joining the Institute of Amateur Cinematographers, where two of my films each won an award.

Film Awards

After exploring the world of animation, I worked as a photographic technician, during which time I kept up with my art. On my marriage in 1992, I moved to Bristol and worked as a temp at a large department store there. In ’93, I became a self-employed artist, having received a number of commissions, through this, and my husband’s job. Since then I have undertaken a wide variety of work, ranging from buildings, pets, landscapes and of course, railways.

Mid Suffolk Light Railway 1st day cover I became more interested in this subject when I met my husband Paul, who at that time, was a volunteer on The Severn Valley Railway. Since then he has encouraged and assisted me with research and reference material for my work.

I joined the Guild of Railway Artists in 1995, being elected a full member in 2001.
I have exhibited at numerous Guild exhibitions, such as the NRM York and Shildon, Carlisle Cathedral, Kidderminster Railway Museum and the East and West Somerset Railways. I have also appeared as an 'artist in residence' at many other different venues.

I had work published in the GRA’s book, 'Along artistic lines'.

One of my paintings, 'Winters Wrath' (below), was stolen from a GRA exhibition in 1998. It is still missing!
If you see it, please let me know!

Winter Wrath